Double Glazing In Newton Mearns, Bearsden & Milngavie

Double glazing can completely transform the comfort levels of many homes in Glasgow especially as the interior temperatures drop as colder months of the year set in. The significant improvement in heat retention and draught proofing that new replacement double glazed windows can deliver is only one of the many reasons for purchasing double glazing. If you are in need of an effective double glazing solution in Glasgow, contact us today on 0141 332 7878 for a free consultation.


Choosing the Best Double Glazing For Your Home


In addition to looking for thermally efficient double glazed replacement windows, consumers also want replacement windows to give better soundproofing and enhanced security. Windows with low or zero maintenance and often double glazed windows that will improve both the appearance and value of the property.

Double glazing replacement windows are currently available in many forms in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, but all vary dramatically in performance, effective lifespan and cost. Also, the financial stability, experience, technical competence, integrity and reliability of the double glazing contractors that undertake the work can vary widely.

Double glazed replacement windows are no different from any other commodity that we buy. The cost that we pay and the quality that we get can be highly variable. Usually, the less expensive the double glazed replacement windows are, the less effective and long-lived they are likely to be, with less attention paid to the standard of the finish.

Getting the balance correct between the quality of the double glazing and the cost that we pay is the hard part. It can be a false economy to buy the cheapest double glazing deal on offer when it ends up costing you more in energy bills or repairs than you saved. Or when your bargain double glazing needs to be replaced again just a few years later.

To help with selecting the best double glazed replacement windows for your particular needs, Window Advice Centre has independent impartial experts available to assist homeowners throughout Glasgow including in the Bearsden, Lower Whitecraigs, Milngavie, Newton Mearns and Shawlands areas to help source the most appropriate double glazing replacement windows for each individual’s specific needs. We also help ensure that the consumer gets their new double glazing installed to the correct standards.


Poor Installation Standards

Some double glazing installers simply want to ‘knock them out and knock them in’ as quickly as they can and will adopt the quickest as opposed to the best installation practices to achieve that.

Poorly fitting, badly installed windows are the consequence. Sometimes, for example, the replacement windows are installed forward of the DPC line that results in water penetration at the head of the window and black mould developing at the sides.


Poor Glazing Practices

Correctly installed double glazed units should never sit directly on the frame but should be raised up on glazing blocks so that there is always a dry air space below. Where this is not done correctly, the double glazed unit will fail prematurely, resulting in condensation between the two window panes.

Double glazed units will weigh anywhere between 20kg and 40kg per square meter depending on the glass thickness. The glass thickness has to be carefully selected based upon the area of the glass, the aspect ratio, the exposure to wind pressure and the performance that is required from the glass.

Where the wrong glazing practices are adopted, it can result in inadequate thermal or acoustic performance, deformation of the frames and premature failure.

These problems tend to occur more with the low-cost companies, who pay little attention to detail, than with the companies who pay attention to detail and take the appropriate practices to ensure their clients’ long-term satisfaction.


Double Glazing Glasgow

double glazed windows glasgow

Window Advice Centre has, since its inception in 1981, been at the forefront of promoting good manufacturing and installation practices and maintains a register of contractors and installers who are able to deliver high-quality workmanship at very competitive cost levels

The services of Window Advice Centre were developed to comprehensively resolve the many problems experienced by consumers seeking to purchase double glazing or other forms of replacement windows. Problems like the ones listed above.

Without charge or obligation, Window Advice Centre is able to provide help and advice to customers seeking the best possible double glazing for their specific requirements throughout Glasgow and areas such as Bearsden, Lower Whitecraigs, Milgavie, Newton Mearns or Shawlands.

Window Advice Centre consultants are experts in the field, qualified architects or Members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. You can trust them for impartial, reliable advice every time.

From just one initial consultation and survey from our team, the most appropriate replacement window solution, designed to deliver the individual homeowners specific requirements, will be documented and the itemised costs from up to ten of the most competitive competent approved contractors will be obtained. Every replacement window installation is inspected in detail to ensure that the standards specified have been delivered prior to payment.


One additional benefit of purchasing your new replacement windows or Double Glazing through Window Advice Centre is the 10 year insurance backing of the installing contractor’s guarantee that ensures continuity of the guarantee even if the installing contractor were to cease to trade.


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