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Replacement Windows

How much do replacement windows cost?

Buying replacement windows and doors based on cost alone will seldom result in getting the best replacement windows or double glazing for your needs, or the best value for money over the lifespan of your installation. Up to 40% of your window replacement quote from a National supplier could be paying for their advertising and sales commission costs.

Why use Window Advice Centre instead?

  • Single Visit
    • Just one impartial expert to get quotes from up to 10 quality approved replacement window contractors
  • No Sales Pressure
    • With just the need for a single visit you won’t need to deal with pushy salesmen at your door
  • Inspection Before Paying
    • Independent inspection after windows are installed before asked to make your final payment
  • 10 Year Insurance
    • Properly constituted 10 years insurance protection

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Save Upto 40% On Average

Recommended as the Best way to Buy Replacement Windows and Double Glazing Glasgow, Perth, Edinburgh, Dundee and surrounding areas

How Our Process Works

Step 1


From an Impartial Double Glazing Expert

Step 2


1 survey – up to 10 double glazing contractors quotes

Step 3


Detailed Close Inspection Prior to Payment



10 year insurance backed guarantees

Glasgow 01413327878
Edinburgh 01413327878
Dundee 01413327878
Perth 01413327878