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Stuart Alleyene

Excellent Service. We Saved 40%!Highly Recommend

The Best Way To Buy Double Glazing

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Helping double glazing consumers since 1981

The Window Advice Centre Service is provided without charge or obligation. Founded in 1981 to assist Consumers in line with the recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading. Impartial Expert Advice on:- Thermal Efficiency, Security, Noise reduction, Weather Resistance, Product Lifespan Planning and Building Regulations, Contractor Competence and Costs. All Consultants are Qualified Architects or Members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. From one Survey you receive itemised quotations from up to 10 of the most suitable competitive approved contractors.

Some of the Benefits

Single Visit

Just one impartial expert to get quotes from up to 10 quality approved replacement window contractors

No Sales Pressure

With just the need for a single visit you won't need to deal with pushy salesmen at your door


Independent inspection prior to paying

10yrs Insurance

Properly constituted 10 years insurance protection

Impartial Expert Advice

When Buying Double Glazing and Replacement Windows

Up to 10 Quotes

From Approved Contractors from



Independent Technical Inspection

Prior to Payment

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

On All Approved Work

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Save Upto 40% On Average

Recommended as the Best way to Buy Double Glazing and Replacement Windows

The Effortless Way to ensure you get the BEST Double Glazing or Replacement Windows for YOUR needs at the Best Value

Peter Yacoubian

The product quality and standard of installation was excellent. The cost through Window Advice Centre was only 60% of what I was quoted when I contacted companies myself.Couldn't recommend highly enough!

How Our Process Works

Step 1


From an Impartial Expert

Step 2


1 survey – up to 10 contractors quotes

Step 3


Detailed Inspection Prior to Payment



10 year insurance backed guarantees

Providing Impartial Double Glazing Advice to Scotland Residents for Decades

For over thirty-seven years, our professionals have helped people from all areas of Scotland choose the best windows for their home and find the right double glazing company to handle the installation. We know that windows require an investment, which means installing the most suitable double-glazed windows in Scotland the first time. With our help, you can track down the windows that will reduce your bills, protect the environment and bolster your home’s appearance and security. We’re more than happy to provide advice and information on double glazing in Scotland where we visit your property to perform a survey at a time that suits you. You can trust the advice given by one of our construction industry experts because we don’t work for double glazing companies in Scotland, so call us today to find out how we can assist you.

How Scotland’s Window Experts at the Window Advice Centre Can Help You

Many homeowners encounter challenges when trying to find high-quality and double glazing in Scotland. For some people, negotiating with several double glazing companies can be frustrating and almost aimless while other people struggle to find an installer they can trust to guarantee a superb finish. Fortunately, we remove all the challenges associated with searching for double-glazed windows in Scotland.
First, we’ll survey your property and listen to your requirement to gain an understanding of which windows you require. Then, when we know what you need, we’ll obtain up to ten quotes for replacement windows in Scotland. Our professionals consider factors such as weather resistance, thermal protection, overall durability and style when tracking down the right double-glazed windows for your Scotland home, and because of their wealth of experience, they can secure the best value quotes.

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Book Your No Obligation Survey Here

Save Upto 40% On Average

Recommended as the Best way to Buy Double Glazing and Replacement Windows

The Best Way To Buy Double Glazing

Let Us Do The Hard Work