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by Mar 27, 2018Double Glazing

Replacing windows throughout your home is a big, and potentially expensive decision to make. However, the results can transform your house and when the time comes to take the plunge, there is plenty you can do to ensure you get the best possible results at a more than reasonable price.

Shopping around in Scotland

The time and effort involved in contacting multiple double glazing companies in Scotland for quotes and advice can be incredibly off-putting for busy people. Rather than wade through all the paperwork and compare quotes and ideas yourself, double glazing advice services provided by the experts at the Window Advice Centre can take this work on for you. This way, you can proceed safe in the knowledge that you have chosen the best possible deal, with the minimum of hassle.

Planning ahead

Most Scottish homeowners are free to choose whatever windows they like for their property. However, if you live in a listed building, a conservation area or an area under an article 4 direction, you should contact your local planning authority before you proceed to make sure you clearly understand the situation regarding planning permission.

If you live in a flat, you will need to check the requirements relating to the entire building before going ahead with window replacement.

Style statement

The type of window frame you choose will depend on the style of house you live in. For example, it would be unusual and probably inadvisable to replace cottage windows on an old property with the clean lines of a modern casement-style window. Generally, it’s best to take the original windows as starting point and improve on the same design.

Of course, style statements are always possible but don’t forget anything that could be considered out of keeping may affect your house’s value in a negative rather than positive way! If in doubt, ask your glazing consultants for an expert opinion.

Pay now or pay later?

Modern uPVC windows are a popular choice due to their lower installation cost and the fact that these days, they can mimic the look of wood. Timber frames are more expensive to install and will eventually require re-painting. However, wooden windows will typically last twice as long and come with a warranty to reflect that. Timber windows can also add value to your home, particularly if it’s a period property.

The environment

These days, both timber and uPVC windows can both provide good energy efficiency. Those opting for traditional wood will be making the most-environmentally friendly choice by avoiding the use of plastic in their home renovations.

Triple-glazed windows are gaining popularity in countries like Norway and Sweden – known both for their cold weather and green credentials. While a triple-glazed window will retain your home’s heat more efficiently, the jury is still out on this as UK consumers have not noticed a significant reduction in bills by adding an extra pane. Also, it is worth bearing mind that efficient, high quality double glazing is widely available.

Discuss your new window installation with the experts

To discuss your window replacement needs anywhere across Scotland, from Fife to Stirling and East Kilbride to Edinburgh, contact your nearest branch of the Window Advice Centre today by calling us on 0141 611 9114 in Glasgow0131 603 3994 in Edinburgh or 01382 200 345 in Dundee.

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