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by Feb 5, 2018Double Glazing, uPVC Windows

High-quality, double-glazed windows can last for well over two decades provided they’re maintained to the highest standards. However, taking care of windows in Scotland can be challenging, especially when the weather is punishingly cold. If your windows are warped, discoloured or inefficient, now might be the time to install replacement windows, but if your windows are still relatively new, you’ll benefit from learning the maintenance tips detailed in this article. At the Window Advice Centre, our glazing consultants have been providing window advice to Scottish residents for over thirty years, and we can survey any property in the nation, whether you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh or any other town or city. Below, we’ll tell you how to keep your windows in top shape for as long as possible, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Here’s how you can minimise the damaging effects that traffic fumes, the weather and general wear and tear have on your windows:
• Eliminate Any Damp Issues
Damp can have a disastrous effect on your uPVC windows, such as spurring the growth of mould and mildew in your window frames and sealants. If any area of your home has a damp problem, you should remedy the situation sooner rather than later for the sake of your windows.
• Clean Your Windows Thoroughly
If you neglect a build-up of dirt, the consequences can include discoloured or even broken windows, sealants and hinges, so make sure you take cleaning seriously. Don’t forget to clean all the moving parts, frames and components in addition to the glass.
• Be Selective with Your Cleaning Products
Some cleaning agents can cause damage to your double-glazing, so make sure your cleaning products are suitable for timber frames, glass and uPVC windows. Even washing up liquid can damage your window’s seals. It’s also a good idea to apply WD40 to your window’s hinges every six to 12 months.
• Be Gentle When Cleaning
Don’t be too rough or use abrasive materials when cleaning your windows because doing so can lead to premature wear and tear. Instead, be gentle when cleaning replacement windows, and consider using a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust efficiently and easily.
• Contact the Experts
Don’t put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to clean hard-to-reach windows, such as the exteriors of the windows on your upper floors. Let the professionals do their job so that you can remain safe while ensuring your windows remain intact for as long as possible.


Unfortunately, your uPVC windows won’t last forever no matter how seriously you take maintenance, and some of the signs that you need replacement windows are hard to identify. If you want to gauge the condition of your windows accurately, you should call our glazing consultants to arrange an inspection. We can survey your property and offer advice, and we can provide quotes from several trusted installers. Contact us today to learn more about how our window experts can help you.

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