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by Mar 27, 2018Double Glazing

Here at the Window Advice Centre, we keep a close eye on developments within the industry. We pride ourselves on being the primary source for double glazing advice services in Scotland so we need to stay informed so we can ensure our customers are kept informed and up to date.

Price Increases in Scotland

In 2017, we saw a number of price rises in commodities, which have a direct impact on windows, as there are many of these used in the supply chain – primarily glass. The price of glass in Scotland increased a few times over the course of 2017, and, although there didn’t seem to be any particular reason for that, it does seem set to continue.

Scottish suppliers are intent on making a profit and this is putting many smaller companies under pressure. Companies do need to maintain a margin, so that they don’t go out of business, but if you’re looking for a fair price, talk to Window Advice Centre. We’ll happily compare some quotes for you. If you’re considering window replacement on your Scottish home in 2018, do it sooner rather than later, as prices look set to increase.

The Scottish economy

UK politics can’t be described as stable of late, and with the uncertainty over Brexit looming, it does mean that growth isn’t as strong as usual. This means that Scottish homeowners are less likely to invest in home improvement such as double glazing so the industry could take a hit. This is a negative to the industry, but, if double glazing companies’ focus on their customer service and delivering high quality products, then they should be able to ride it out.

Quality of products across Scotland

Many new products came about last year from improved uPVC windows to new frames and glass. With a flood of products onto the Scottish market, it can be hard to tell the good from bad. But one of the main issues is that there aren’t enough skilled people to install the new products. This lead to some companies having overworked staff and others hiring staff that are ill-equipped to do the work – both of these mean poor quality for the customers.

This year, companies will have to invest in training their staff so that they can deliver high quality products that customers are satisfied with. Window Advice Centre carry out an extensive survey, so when the time comes for replacing windows in your home, we’ll recommend the right company for the job.

Move with the times

We’re in 2018 but some companies are stuck back in 1998. Technology is transforming how companies operate, and the window industry needs to sit up and take notice. Let your customers book online, do away with paper forms, and put your customer records in the Cloud – not some dusty ledger in your workshop.

Embracing technology will make your life easier, and could even bring in more business. Change the way you do business, for you and your customers.

Contact Window Advice Centre in 2018

It’s safe to say the industry will encounter more change in 2018, and Window Advice Centre will be staying ahead of the pack. With our head office at 14 Sandyford Place, Glasgow, G3 7NB, we provide surveys all across Scotland from Fife to Dundee and Perth to Stirling.

If you need top advice from expert glazing consultants call Window Advice Centre on 0141 611 9114 or email more details.

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