Sash Windows in Newton Mearns, Bearsden, Milngavie


Sash windows are an elegant component of period properties. These stunning windows are commonly associated with the Georgian and Victorian eras, hence their desirability. Sash windows are now available with double glazing, offering all the beauty of the sash design, with the benefits of double glazing. If you are considering investing in sash windows in Glasgow, get in touch with Window Advice Centre today for a free survey and consultation. Click the ‘Book a Survey button above or call 0141 332 7878.

If you live in a period property in Glasgow, in areas such as Bearsden, Lower Whitecraigs, Milgavie, Newton Mearns or Shawlands, it is important to consider purchasing replacement sash windows from a reputable provider. Window Advice Centre can help you find the correct provider for your project.


Choosing Between Timber & UPVC Frames


Anyone looking for new double glazed sash windows in Greater Glasgow has two options in terms of a frame; timber or uPVC.

Correctly installed uPVC sash windows can maintain the original glass widths and frame dimensions, replicating the period charter of traditional timber sash windows. UPVC is a very popular frame option on account of its durability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Timber frames remain equally popular, due to their irresistible charm and fine appearance. If you have decided to choose timber sash frames, it is important to remember that you will have to conduct regular maintenance on them to preserve their appearance and ability to insulate, unlike with uPVC windows. Below, we take a look at some other factors to consider when contemplating timber sash windows.


Rot Checks


Glasgow experiences some of the highest rainfall volumes in the UK, which amounts to long periods of wet weather. Rot checks are an essential step that you need to undertake regularly if you have timber sash windows. Timber rot can quickly turn the quaint charm of wooden sash windows into an eyesore. This can also damage the integrity of the window and lead to leaks and heat loss. The importance of regular checks cannot be stated enough as once rot has penetrated far into the timber frame, it is difficult to stop and parts may need replacing if rot becomes widespread.




Repainting your timber frames on a regular basis is also a must as this not only adds to the weatherproofing and timber protection, but also upholds their appearance. To repaint your window frames, make sure that they are dry and wiped clean of all dirt before applying paint. The summer months are the best time to do this because warm weather helps dry the wood out, so that it is in perfect condition to be sealed before the wetter autumn and winter months set in. You should aim to apply two coats of paint and repaint your timber sash windows every 4-5 years depending on their current condition.


Using Oil


Professional timber sash windows should slide up and down in a gentle and smooth manner without much human force needed. A great way to keep your timber sash windows moving up and down in a succinct smooth fashion is to lightly apply silicone oil or beeswax to the window frame. As always, you should make sure that as much dirt as possible is cleaned from within the frames before any lubricant is applied.


Timber Sash Windows Glasgow


timber sash windows glasgowTimber sash windows are breathtakingly beautiful and hold great insulating properties if they are cared for correctly. Since 1981, Window Advice Centre has advised many Glasgow property owners on how to obtain the most stylistically appropriate sash windows.

Glasgow is a city rich in history and is home to many Georgian and Victorian properties in areas such as Bearsden, Lower Whitecraigs, Milgavie, Newton Mearns or Shawlands which, through the use of timber sash windows, can look as fresh and striking as the day they were built.

Timber sash windows can last for long periods of time if maintained regularly. With wood being one of the best insulators, it’s easy to see why even after hundreds of years, there is still a demand for timber sash windows in Glasgow.

Window Advice Centre understands the intricacies of timber sash windows and how important it is for customers to get the right type suited to their property. With much of the company’s personnel sharing lineage in the disciplines of design and architecture, we are unmatched in our knowledge of the many sash style variations that have been used throughout history.


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