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by May 17, 2018Here Comes Summer, New Windows

When it comes to replacing windows, many people realise that they need new ones during the winter months, usually because the old ones are draughty and inefficient. However, double glazing does more than just protect your Scottish home in winter. And there are many ways it can improve your property. Rather than wait until the inevitable winter chill, why not see the warmer weather as a good chance to install new windows? Here are some reasons to do it in summer.

They can keep your home cool in summer

We all know that double glazing insulates our home in winter, but many people don’t realise that it can keep our homes cool in the summer months. Therefore, replacement windows can be useful all year round:

  • Double glazing works in the summer because it stops heat energy moving from one side of the glass to the other. The gap between the panes creates a space that weather can’t pass through, slowing down the heat.
  • During the winter months, there’s the same effect, except the heat is stopped from escaping your house, keeping it energy efficient.

Installation can be easier
Some of the advantages of installation during the summer months can be:

  • Fewer delays caused by rain
  • No chills in the house when the old panes are removed
  • School holidays make arranging days about the house easier

It makes sense not to wait until the busy winter months to have your windows replaced and, if you’re dealing with glazing consultants, it’s often better to get quotes during the summer when fewer sales are made, perhaps giving you a better bargaining position.

Improving security

While the summer months brings with it lots of sun and other pleasant things, it can also mean a spike in thefts. Leaving windows unlocked is an invitation to opportunistic thieves, and older windows can be broken into fairly easily. Summer is a good time to think about replacing windows and upgrading your locks, perhaps adding window restrictors so that allow you to open your window to let in a breeze, but don’t open enough for a break-in.

Reducing noise

Summer can be a noisy season, and if you live somewhere like Glasgow or Edinburgh with everyone densely packed together, you’ll often hear kids playing in the garden or people enjoying a BBQ. UPVC windows are great at reducing the amount of noise coming into your home, and if you live in a city area, then you can even go for triple glazing that’s great for blocking the sounds of traffic and other annoyances.

Protect yourself from UV rays

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect from UV rays, but what about when you’re at home? Double glazing protects from the most harmful of UV rays when you’re inside your house, so you can protect your loved ones.

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