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Four Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Windows in Scotland

by Apr 4, 2018Double Glazing

Windows, just as with most building components, have a finite lifespan. Their lifespan is determined by several different factors, including: the material used in their construction; the conditions they have been subjected to and how well they have been maintained. For this reason, there comes a time when replacement windows are your only option.

Our team of glazing specialists at the Window Advice Centre and our collective expertise allows us to provide double glazing advice services to home and business owners across Scotland including Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. We are well positioned to provide you with the advice you need to be able to make an informed decision on the health of your existing windows – and to assist you in doing so, we’ve outlined several reasons why you should consider window replacement.

1. Improve the Comfort Levels of Your Home in Scotland

A house that performs well thermally is a house that is going to be comfortable to live in. The entire external fabric of your home is designed to provide an acceptable level of insulation that will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Old and draughty windows are always going to be a weak spot in the fabric of your property, which is why new double glazing is always a cost-effective solution, and an upgrade you can make to your home.

2. Reduce the Presence of External Noise in Scotland

One aspect of windows that many homeowners don’t consider is just how much difference new windows can make to the sound insulation performance of your home. If you live next to a busy main road or near to a flight path, you may find that the intrusion for external noise sources is unbearable.

A set of new UVPC windows will go a long way to reducing just how much noise is able to enter your property, further improving your levels of comfort.

3. Low Maintenance Windows in Scotland

Any window system that you buy today will require the minimal amount of maintenance to remain in good working order. No longer will you need to remember to lubricate the hinges on a set of old vertical swing windows or worry whether you will be able to open your timber sash windows when the weather changes.

A set of modern windows guarantees ease of use and low maintenance.

4. Increased Weather Resistance for Scotland Based Homes

We aren’t blessed with the most clement of weather here in Scotland which is why replacing windows with ones that feature a higher weather resistance rating is important, especially during harsh winters.

New Severe Exposure-rated windows have up to four times the wind resistance rating of new Sheltered Exposure windows. If your existing windows are decades old, you only stand to benefit with a new, safer window system.

Get in Touch with Scotland-based Professional Glazing Consultants

Domestic and commercial glazing is an industry that we know well at Window Advice Centre. By making use of our services, you are able to reach out and obtain quotations from some of the most well renowned double glazing companies in Scotland, all through a single point of contact.

So, whether you’re based in Fife, Glenrothes or Falkirk, get in touch with us today for further advice or to make a booking for a personalised window survey.

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