uPVC Windows in Newton Mearns, Bearsden & Milngavie


uPVC windows are an increasingly popular choice for many homes, due to their durability, cost-effectiveness and relatively low maintenance. For high quality and performance uPVC windows in Glasgow, contact Window Advice Centre on 0141 332 7878.


What is uPVC?


uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of plastic used in pipework and window frames and is rated highly for its rigidity, hardness and insulating qualities.


Why Should I Get uPVC Windows?


It is important to weigh up your personal preferences when choosing between uPVC and timber window frames. uPVC windows are popular due to their lower cost compared to timber and the fact they don’t need a lot of maintenance and will not rot. With many Glasgow homeowners opting for the convenience, performance and low cost associated with uPVC windows, it is easy to see why they are so popular.


How Much Do uPVC Windows Cost?


Prices for uPVC windows in Glasgow will vary, but the price can be up to three times cheaper per window when compared to timber frames. We work on a very personal basis with each client and their requirements are privately tendered to our closed supplier list. By referring your uPVC requirements directly, our suppliers do not have to spend on advertising and can therefore carry your work out at a cost below standard market price. If you would like to talk to an expert from the Window Advice Centre regarding uPVC costs then call today on 0141 332 7878


Can uPVC Windows Look Like Wood?


Yes, we receive many queries from individuals who, after researching uPVC windows Glasgow, would like the robustness of uPVC, but also the look of treated wood. Luckily, wood effect sash windows are made from uPVC but are then fitted with realistic wood grain cladding to give your period home the look and feel of timber windows with the benefits of uPVC. If you would like to learn more about wood effect sash windows call us today.


When Were uPVC Windows Invented?


uPVC windows came into use from the early 1980s as a replacement for aluminium windows which were not as warm. This also coincided with energy price rises at the time and by the 1990s, uPVC windows became very popular.


Are uPVC Windows Toxic?


uPVC is a non-toxic material and is highly regulated and controlled by the UK government. As with most plastic, any fires will release harmful fumes but on its own, uPVC does not pose any risk to inhabitants.


Are uPVC Windows Recyclable?


Absolutely. As one of the oldest suppliers of uPVC windows in Glasgow, we have advised many customers who want to enjoy the benefits of new windows, whilst also making sure that the environmental impact of their choice is sound. uPVC will retain its strength even after being recycled up to ten times, which means that the sustainable potential of uPVC is very high indeed. In wider terms of sustainability, uPVC windows require little maintenance. They last for a long time and provide high insulation performance which, by nature, already defines them as highly environmentally sustainable.


To find out more about uPVC windows and their benefits, get in touch with a member of the Window Advice Centre team today. We can offer a free, no-obligation consultation for the installation of uPVC windows across Glasgow, including areas such as Bearsden, Lower Whitecraigs, Milgavie, Newton Mearns and Shawlands. Call us on 0141 332 7878 or complete our online contact form.